7 Things I Learned About Self-Care in 2018 & Why I Didn't Set Any Resolutions for this Year.

Before we discuss my lack of New Year Resolutions, I want to let you in on a little secret, our clothing brand is running a sale where you can receive 10% off your entire purchase from our "Self-Care" collection when you use the code selfcare2019. Click here to see what we have for sale in our store.
Now that's out of the way, I have to give you the tea about my New Year Resolutions or lack thereof.
I mentioned on our Instagram account that there are four opportunities to reset & set goals for yourself.
In 2018, I learned some very important things about self-care. Below are 7 things that I learned about self-care last year.
7 Things I learned about Self-Care in 2018:
Feel free to share anything that you learned about self-care in 2018 and remember anytime is the right time to begin your journey of self-care and self-love!
About the author: 
Courtney Brookins is a mother, poet, author and educator. She published her first book, Flowering Yourself, which is a collection of poems. She is also the co-founder of  OneSun3Flowers with her two daughters, which is an empowerment and leadership organization for women, girls, mothers and daughters centered around practicing self-care and building healthy relationships.
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