About Us

OneSun3Flowers is a wellness company for women and girls of color centered around the integration of  literacy and yoga to help heal cultural and gender based trauma and to promote mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. We offer yoga memberships to girls and women and use the practice of yoga and writing to build community, practice self-care, and promote mindfulness.

OneSun3Flowers affirms the self-care journey of women and girls of all ages by empowering them to Bloom into Your Best Self. The prioritization of self-care, community and wellness are key components in this mission. Whether it’s digitally, in person or through wearing merchandise, OneSun3Flowers believes in the necessity of honoring self and empowering other women to do the same.

Using our online and in-person presence to empower women of all ages on the value of loving and caring for yourself and tribe through coaching, courses, merchandise, and events. OS3F is here to welcome the journey of healing & blooming through the practice  of self-love, wellness and respect. We aspire to change women’s relationship with self-care while honoring the needs of the community.

Values: Our values are self-love, respect and wellness.

Self-Love: OneSun3Flowers strongly affirms the necessity of blooming in relationship with self, honoring your truth and connecting to your own light. It is the belief of the OS3F company that through the  practice of self-care, the relationship with self is transformed  inwardly and outwardly. 


Respect: with a belief that respect begins with self and extends into an outward experience. OneSun3Flowers places high value on respecting self and others.

Wellness: OneSun3Flowers is rooted in the principle of holistic wellness and believes in the focus of mindfulness, embodiment, nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, spirituality, and self- healing.

with a focus of empowering women of all ages. Our mission is to empower women and girls of all ages to practice self-love, self-care and wellness. 

Pillars: OneSun3Flowers is built upon three essential pillars: self-care, connection and community.


The pillars of your brand are the deep-seeded truths that your brand embraces every single day—culturally, emotionally, physically. It’s what you want people to know about who you are. One of the most important ways to manifest those truths is visually. 


Self-Care: encouraging women to make individual and authentic needs a priority by intentionally honoring individualistic needs on a daily basis. 


Connection: cultivating connection with ourselves through embodiment and mindfulness, OS3F values the importance of building a relationship with self and using that relationship as a guidance to connect with other women.


Community: with a great awareness and high value placed on the village of women past present and rising, OS3F values the cultivation of a tribe through connecting with women of all ages.