Journaling as an Act of Self-Care

Hello Flower Tribe,


As the seasons transition,how will you transition your self-care practices? With climate changes, earth quakes and a pandemic among us connecting with others and enjoying the outdoors may feel somewhat limited. In this case,journaling may be a great way for your to explore your feelings. You may want to get you a really nice journal if you are working on tapping into abundance and normalizing luxury or you can get you a simple composition notebook from the dollar store. It is completely up to you.


There are many ways to journal but here are our favorite 3 journaling suggestions.



1.) Brain dump-- get a pen & paper and just write. Write whatever comes to mind with no planning or questioning. Get all of the information out. You might not even write in complete sentences. You can draw shapes and write singular words. It's really about freeing yourself from all of the information that is in your mind.


2.) Gratitude journaling-- This is a great morning or evening routine. Get a notebook and make a list of the things that you are grateful for. Write small and big things alike. You can journal about something as simple as your being able to breathe or as tangible as having food to eat. Tip: Try not to repeat the same thing in the same week. There are so many things to be grateful for!;-)


3.) Talk about your feelings-- Take your journal and use it to express yourself. Be open and vulnerable with you. You can talk about a specific situation or you can talk about how you are feelings in general. There really aren't any rules here. Just give yourself the outlet to freely express whatever it is that you are feeling.


Take care of yourself and as always, Bloom Into Your Best Self. 






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