Stop SHOULDING Yourself!

What It Should Look Like

Hello Flower Tribe,


Let's explore the word "should." Should is a word that is commonly inserted into our conversations, but has a much larger impact than simply holding a place. It creeps into our identities, makes us question ourselves, our thoughts and ways of being. Think about it. How often do you criticize or second guess yourself about things "you should be" doing. For example, I should lose weight. I should read more. I should go out more. Are you noticing the shoulds in your life?

Here's the thing. It's a healthy practice for you to set goals for yourself and work on ways to meet them. But, I want us to dig a little deeper and examine the source of the "should" voice. Where does it come from? Who introduced it to you? Take some time to sit with those questions. Maybe the voice comes from a place in your childhood or a deep rooted fear that you carry. 

When you recognize the place of your should just try to sit with it. You do not have to do anything radical. In fact, observation or noticing is a radical thing. 

Remove the should and honor what things are.



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