Why Gratitude is an Important Part of your Vision Board.

Vision boards have become a popular thing on the to-do list in the beginning of a new year. There's vision board parties, websites, blog, etc. It's so much useful information out there that can help you navigate the institution of your vision board.
I've been using the vision board tool for past 8 years. I began when I was pregnant with my youngest daughter and I wanted to go from being a renter to a homeowner. I remember cutting out the image of the home I wanted and putting a "sold" clipping on top of that image to help me manifest the house that I wanted. Unfortunately, I did not get the exact home that I put on the vision board, but I did close of my first property about a year and a half after creating that vision board.
In using vision boards, there are a few  important pieces that I learned to incorporate into my process.
1. Give thanks for what you have accomplished. If you have a vision board from 2018 this may simply involve picking off each piece that you have achieved. Say "thank you" for what you have accomplished or the opportunities centered around this vision. I think it's important to note that every item on your board may not manifest within the calendar year, but give thanks to the fact that things are already in the works for you to see this vision out. Also, as mentioned on my Instagram post , you can use this as an opportunity to journal. Begin the journal entry with gratitude, and then write about why this is important to you and what things you did to achieve your goal. Reflect on why you are grateful and why this particular goal is a important piece to your journey.
This brings me to step 2.
2. Create goals not wishes. When I first began creating vision boards, I would put any and everything that I wanted on my vision board. It is okay to have big dreams and wishes and by no means do you have to only list things that you want to manifest this year, but a good way to create a vision board is by being clear and intentional about what you really want. For this I suggest taking some time to reflect and write down your short-term and long-term goals. In doing so, you create clarity about your vision and also you can insure yourself that you're not just picking images from your magazine or computer that just "look cool" or "would be awesome if it actually happened." Instead, you want pieces that you feel desire and emotion toward. Things that you want to set a plan and focus on. In time, you will see those things come to light.
3. Keep an eye on your vision. Okay, so after you've worked super hard to create this perfect vision of what you wanted you hang it up with pride and then after a little time has elapsed you might find yourself giving the board a little less attention. I understand that the excitement of creating the vision board may have worn off, but it's important that you keep your focus on it. The point of the vision board is so that you have a physical reminder of what you're working on and trying to manifest into your life. This is why it's important to constantly look at it.  I recommend a few things to help you keep your vision board in the forefront of your mind.
a.  Place it in a space in your home that you look at often. Placement is key. Where is a place that you go often? What is a piece of your home that you look at frequently? I suggest you use those questions to guide you on where you want to place your vision board. I also suggest that it be in a private part of your home. While you may not care about the opinions of others, your dreams and visions need to be protected especially while they are in the embryo phase. I recommend that you place it in a room or an area that you frequent often, but that visitors might not.
b. Take a picture of it. I know you might enjoy having a picture of your kids, partner, dog, etc as your lock screen , but it might be a good idea to swap that picture out with a current picture of your vision board. This way you are looking at the image quite often. Your phone is the perfect place, because let's be real, in 2019 our phones are usually always on us. Having this image as our lock screen allows us to keep our eyes on it. If you're feeling guilty about removing your current lock screen, find another place in your phone that you can place the image such as a caller ID home screen once the phone is unlocked. 
Note: Quick side bar- Make sure that you believe in your ability to attract your vision. If you're still working on believing you can have whatever you are seeking, I recommend waiting to put up your vision board in your house or on your phone cover. Negative emotions attached to your goals are a quick way to repel whatever you're working on .
And there you have it, 3 ways to keep your vision and how to incorporate gratitude into your process. I hope this helps. If you have suggestions or tips on creating a vision board, comment below and if you have not already done so make sure you subscribe to our mailing list so you're the first to receive new blogs.
I look forward to connecting more with you in 2019,
About the author: 
Courtney Brookins is a mother, poet, author and educator. She published her first book, Flowering Yourself, which is a collection of poems. She is also the co-founder of  OneSun3Flowers with her two daughters, which is an empowerment and leadership organization for women, girls, mothers and daughters centered around practicing self-care and building healthy relationships.
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