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Hello Flower Tribe,


Self- Healing is " acting or serving to heal oneself or itself."


As divine beings we have the power to heal ourselves from trauma, injury and psychological warfare. The first step is to realize that we have this power.


Spending time alone with yourself allows you to connect with yourself and your intuitive power. It allows to tap into a "knowing" which is the force that will heal you.


In your self-healing journey, you will discover that the things that you are drawn to will either heal you or things you need to heal from. Listen to the things that are softly calling you and ask yourself, "Is this serving my greater good?" Notice the response you receive from the universe, the shift in your energy and how things begin lining up for you. Things that are meant for your greater good are calling you and create peace. This alignment is not coincidental but rather realities coinciding for your highest good. 



Healing yourself will happen at your own time. There are some things that you can do to begin this journey.


1. Meditate: Our mental health is connected to our spiritual, emotional and physical well being. It is important to make time to connect with our bodies and the divine. Every morning, wake up and meditate. Train yourself to not touch your phone (or any technology) nor begin working before you take time to sit with yourself. Incorporate deep breathing or grounding exercises. Try adding intentions into your day. Speak health and wellness over your day and body. Acknowledge you healing.


2. Eat whole foods- Foods contain energy just like all things. Organic fresh fruits and vegetables are high vibrational. This energy affects your spiritual, mental and emotional bodies. Use foods to create balance in your chakras and to heighten your electrical body. 


3. Exercise: Create movement in your day. Set schedules which allow your to find time in your weekly schedule. Exercise releases endorphins which has a positive impact on your mental, emotional and spiritual health. Incorporate yoga, dancing and walking as ways to heal yourself and uplift your energy.


4.Cleanse your energy: We discussed this last week, but cleansing your energy is important in your self-healing journey. You encounter energy in your daily interactions and it is important to rid yourself of information which can attach itself to you and limit your ability to heal. Revisit last week's Self-Care Sunday letter to learn more about cleansing your energy or watch this video.


5. Create a self-love shrine: Dedicate an area in your home which is created specifically for healing and loving yourself. Go here to meditate, connect with yourself. Fill this space with love and beauty and intentionally leave things here that will bring you joy. Add fresh flowers, pictures and messages that fully bring you joy.


To begin your journey of self-healing, join our 6 week Inner Growth Circle at bit.ly/bloomintoyourbestself.





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