Loving Yourself in Your Language

Hello Flower Tribe,


It's Self-Love Sunday and we were wondering.... 


How do you practice loving yourself?


What is your love language?


Is your self-love language the same?


It can't be said enough that what you are seeking externally you must first seek internally.  This does NOT mean that you cannot have expectations for others that you are in relationship/ partnership, etc, however, it absolutely means that you have to give yourself what you are seeking. 


Think of it this way...


You are the bar. You are the beginning and the end of everything you desire. You are a magnetic, life altering energy force that has the ability to transform realities.


Why would you not apply this same magic and philosophy for yourself?


Everything you desire must first be given to yourself from you.


Once you put this energy into the world....honeyyy, it will come back to you!


Now, let's talk love languages because sometimes it's easier to compartmentalize what we need and figure out how to provide it for ourselves through our self-love language.


1. Words of Affirmation: Giving yourself pep talks and encouraging yourself.

2. Acts of Service: Doing things for yourself that make you feel good or make life easier.


3. Quality Time: Spending time alone, hobbies and doing things that you love.

  • Mediation
  • Time on hobbies and creativity
  • Going on dates alone


4. Physical Touch: Things that make your body feel good and focus on your well-being.


5. Receiving Gifts: Treating yourself to gifts that make you happy.

  • Investing in yourself
  • Little gifts
  • Craft supplies

Find your love language.


Fill yourself up and love from your overflow.


- OneSun3flowers


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